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Worm drives are a compact means of substantially decreasing speed and increasing torque. Small electric motors are generally high-speed and low-torque; the addition of a worm drive increases the range of applications that it may be suitable for, especially when the worm drive's compactness is considered.

It is possible to use makishinko worm reduction gears in any conceivable field of power transmission through the technology and knowledge accumulated in the course of rich experience and many successes. the rich variations makes it possible to use worm reduction gears in new fields.

They are used in:
✔ cement industries
✔ chemical industries
✔ sugar industries
✔ rolling mills
✔ conveying engineering
✔ rudders
✔ mining industry machines
✔ rotary tables
✔ duplex worm drives
✔ backlash

Size : 3" CD to 7" CD Horizontal type
Ratio : Standard 20:1 & 30:1

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