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We manufacture and supply various kinds of timer pulleys. These are normally used in sets designed to reduce the amount of force needed to lift a load.
We manufacture Timer Pulleys by using Cast Iron, Aluminum and Steel.
The timer pulleys manufactured by us are tested properly before it goes to the customer. Timer pulleys are capable in providing constant output speed without skipping, slipping or speed variation and these are used in numerous industries.
The timer pulleys we manufacture are lightweight and highly efficient in serving the purpose.
We provide an exclusive array of Timing Pulleys in compliance with international quality standards. These timing pulleys are offered with Uniroyal (Gates) power grip timing belts that are constructed with gear like teeth, to engage with matching grooves in the pulleys. This allows positive or perfectly synchronous speed drive along with combining the flexibility of belt drive with the advantage of chain and gear drives.
Specifications & Sizes available:
✔ 5mm HTD
✔ XL
✔ T5
✔ AT5
✔ 8mm HTD
✔ L(3/8'')
✔ H(1/2'')
✔ T10
✔ AT10

Timing Pulley Manufacturer In Srilanka
Timing Pulley Manufacturers Srilanka

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